The Financial Aid Office and Yale Law IT have partnered to offer a program that provides all students with the opportunity to purchase a laptop computer through the Law School. Students are eligible to participate in this program once during law school, during the academic year of their choosing. A one-time purchase of up to $3,000 is eligible for the program.

This program has a number of advantages for students:

  • The laptop may be less expensive if purchased through YLS, and
  • The laptop can be purchased through a COAP-eligible student loan with no upfront costs.

If you would like to purchase a computer this year, you are encouraged to sign up for the program prior to August 1, 2018. Computers ordered prior to August 1 will be available during Orientation week for 1Ls and during the first week of classes for 2Ls and 3Ls.

In order for the laptop cost to be charged to the student account, students must first sign up for a Yale Charge Account. ITS will submit charges to the Registrar’s Office as close to the first business day of the month as possible. Once the Registrar’s Office posts the charge, the Financial Aid Office will then process the loan request and the funds will disburse to the student account. This will ensure that the charge of the laptop and the disbursement of the loan are posted to the student’s account during the same billing period.

Students interested in participating in the program can complete the form. Please contact the Financial Aid Office or Loriann Seluga with questions.

Financial Aid Eligible Students

At the time of delivery, students will complete the loan documents to cover the cost of the laptop, applicable tax, and loan origination fees. The loan will be processed and credited to the student account to clear the computer charge.

Non-Financial Aid Eligible Students

Students who are not eligible for financial aid will be solely responsible for payment to the University. The student will be required to sign a statement acknowledging responsibility for the purchase and payment, and payment will be due within 30 days of the charge to the student’s SIS account. If a student is not on financial aid but would like to borrow a COAP eligible loan to cover the cost of the laptop, please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional instructions.