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October 11, 2007

Dear Asha,

I received a confirmation e-mail that my application has been received, but have not yet received confirmation that my application is complete. Is this simply because it is early in the admissions season and applications are not yet being considered, or is it possibly indicative of a missing component in my application?



Dear A.P.,

When you hit “submit” on your electronic application to Yale Law School, we receive your basic data and an indication that you have applied. Base on this data, we will send you an “application received” email. However, it will take us another week to receive your actual application in the mail. It may take an additional week or two for us to receive your LSDAS report, which contains your LSAT score, transcript, and recommendations.

Before October 15, LSAC will not release an LSDAS report to Yale until it contains at least two letters of recommendation. After that date, LSAC will release your report immediately and continue to send us updates as you provide recommendations.

Your application will be complete once we receive your application, LSDAS report, and two letters of recommendation. At that point, we will send you a “file complete” email and your application will enter the queue to be read. In early spring, if we still have not received all of the components of your application, we will send you an email letting you know what is missing from your file and give you time to provide those materials.

Although we have already begun considering applications, there are a couple of important things to know about our system. The first, which I have mentioned in a previous posting, is that your chances of admission will not be affected by when your application becomes complete. The second is that we will not fill up the seats in the class until we have given all applicants a chance to complete their files and we have read every last application. So relax—we won’t forget about you, we promise!


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