On the Road Again

September 21, 2007

Dear Asha, I plan to apply to Yale Law School this fall and have some questions about your courses and programs. I’ve looked through your website, but it would be really helpful to talk with someone from the Admissions Office. I live in Atlanta and won’t be able to visit in person – would it be best to call?

R.S., Atlanta, GA

Dear R.S.,

Though we would love to gab with you, the honest truth is that if you call, we won’t be able to get back to you for a while. The fall is our recruiting season, so we are out of the office most of the time (and when we are here, we’re frantically gearing up for the next trip!).

The good news is that since you live in Atlanta, you can chat with one of us at the LSAC Forum in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday, October 26 and 27. Someone from the Admissions Office will also be at each of the other LSAC Forums in Boston, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (for a complete list of dates and locations, please visit www.LSAC.org) as well as at law fairs in Miami and Philadelphia. We’ll also be making visits to several individual schools – please check our recruiting schedule to see whether we’ll be coming to your city or campus this fall.

If our paths won’t be able to cross at one of our recruitment events, you can send your question to admissions.law@yale.edu. We’ll respond as soon as we are able, though given our email volume it may take a few days. If you have a question which you think may be relevant to other applicants, you can send it to 203blog@yale.edu, and I will answer it here. I hope we’ll get a chance to meet sometime this fall!

-- Asha


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