90’s Middle School Dance Party

February 24, 2009

A.Y., 1L

It was the first weekend back in New Haven after exams. We only had a few days to recover from our 1L pass-pass exam period before returning for second semester and were still trying to figure out how to shop for classes. I had already attended seven different lectures in the first week and still had no idea what I was going to take. It didn’t help that New Haven is hardly the most exciting city in the world and New Haven in late January is just dark, cold, and still New Haven.

But this is where the small community and ingenuity of your classmates can help you cope. No longer consigned to our 1L small groups, we were eager to reunite in an all first-year setting. One student had a genius idea that led to the now infamous 90’s middle school dance party.

We all went to our share of 80’s mixers in college but this was definitely my first 90’s party. Imagine Saved by the Bell meets Gin Blossoms and Dave Mathews Band – and I’m talking Under the Table and Dreaming, not Before These Crowded Streets. Our classmate rented out the dive grad-student bar, hired a Divinity student to bartend, and created the first-ever iPod playlist to include Snoop Dog and N’Sync.

The day began with a group run to Party City where Yale Law Students fought over the best mullet wigs and Goth makeup in the store. Following the afternoon Monster Truck show at the Hartford Civic Center, we returned home to get ready for the evening. The night started at Samurai, a local Japanese restaurant, for a pre-evening Saki Bombing dinner in honor of one of our classmate’s 26th birthday. This was followed by a brief stop-over at Madison Towers, the local apartment building that doubles as the de facto law school dorm, for chips and drinks and then on to the main event.

It was like nothing I had ever seen at YLS. More than half the class was in attendance and all the guys had on their finest Bart Simpson Tee-Shirts while the girls did their best to out sparkle each other. There were the traditional “skaters,” “jocks,” and Zach Morris preppy “look-alikes.” I even think I saw one person donning a throwback bar-mitzvah tee shirt. But the best part of the evening was the arm-length dancing to endless boy-band acapella.

All in all, it was one great night, and the perfect start to our second semester at Yale Law School.