Beyond the Law: Student Life Outside YLS

January 11, 2013

K.L., 1L

Yale Law School is home to student organizations for just about any interest, but for those interests not within the law school’s scope, Yale at large offers everything but the sun. To start, and to clarify any misconceptions, Yale College organizations, and those of other graduate schools, are open to all students, law included.

Almost as soon as I arrived on campus I queried two dance groups, Yaledancers and Yale Ballet Company, about auditions. Soon, I was a full-fledged advanced member of the Yale Ballet Company, and I plan to join Yaledancers this spring (easing in!). Through the ballet, I have been able to continue pursuing my artistic passions—an excellent counterbalance to the theoretical analysis I practice in school. Also, I have met some of my greatest friends in New Haven through the Yale Ballet—everyone from undergraduate chemists to doctorate history students, united by our common love of dance.

Through Yale Ballet Company’s director, I also learned about another opportunity on which I will embark this spring: Yale Dance Theater. The project, run by Yale professor Emily Coates, brings in renowned choreographers to create original works for the student dancers. This year’s star choreographers are Reggie Wilson and Akram Khan.

Though rehearsals can be tiring after long days of class, I always leave a dance rehearsal with more energy than when I started. A crowning point of the semester was Yale Ballet’s winter show, the night after my oral arguments. For the show I danced the Sugarplum variation and grand pas from The Nutcracker. More than half of my 1L small group, plus a number of other YLS friends, came to the performance. The night was one of my Connecticut favorites.

But besides dance, I also have a passion for music. For the past few years, I DJed (and served in other capacities) for an alternative radio station. I was curious about Yale’s radio scene, so this fall I (re-)trained to DJ for WYBC, Yale’s own radio station on Temple Street.

As far as I know, right now I am the only law student in any of these groups, but I hear there have been others in the past. So if you have a passion, or a curiosity, don’t let it wither in a bell-jar—meet other Yalies and recharge.