Bossa Nova at the Rep

December 6, 2010 - 12 AM

A. R., 1L

Yale Law Women is a great organization, and it offers a number of amazing resources to the entire YLS community. Class outlines, class notes, and a guide to choosing classes—all resources crowd-sourced from the entire student body—are available to everyone, and they are tremendously useful. Plus, as an earlier post on this blog has mentioned, YLW hosts a number of excellent events for women on- and off-campus.

Just this week, I attended a fantastic YLW-sponsored event that combined some really engaging professor/student interactions with a bit of New Haven culture. About 20 students and a few professors met for dinner at a local Thai restaurant, and then headed to the Yale Repertory Theater for a performance of the new play, Bossa Nova, by Kirsten Greenidge.

The women at dinner hailed from all three classes, and we chatted with the professors about issues ranging from summer job searches to the most recent crop of Wikileaks. The 1Ls like myself got some advice from 2Ls on the question of picking classes and targeting summer job searches, and I, at least, was able to get a feel for how members of other classes spend their days here at the law school. The dinner was a great opportunity to meet and chat with some members of other classes, and talking (totally informally!) with two engaging, dynamic professors over dinner was a real treat.

I’ll admit that I came to YLS with a bit of New Haven-based skepticism, and this week’s trip was my first experience at the Yale Rep. I was not disappointed! The play was very well written, funny at times and alarming at others, and touched on a number of thought-provoking and difficult issues.

YLW’s “Bossa Nova at the Rep” event was a truly lovely evening, and one that highlighted some of the best parts of YLS—the other students and the hyper-accessible faculty—alongside a very engaging local theater production.