"Can You Hear Darfur Calling?"

April 23, 2007

M.H., 2L

I’ve had the song lyric “Can you hear Darfur calling?” stuck in my head all weekend. It’s a line from a song written and performed by Yale Law students that I heard performed this past Friday night at a concert held on campus to benefit medical relief efforts for the Darfur region of Sudan. From beginning to end, this concert was marked by the involvement of numerous law students. In addition to the musical performances, the event was organized by the One World Coalition, which is a student organization on campus organized to inspire action to end the devastation in Darfur. The One World Coalition was co-founded last year by a member of the 2L class in the Law School. Also kicked off during the concert was a web-based campaign, www.24hoursfordarfur.org, organized to garner attention to the war-ravaged country. This campaign was also co-founded and led by yet another second-year law student. This is to say nothing of the literally hundreds of hours of preparation and organization contributed by the many other law students involved in these organizations.

What may be most amazing about this event and law students’ roles in it is these types of things are so common that if one of my friends had not been heavily involved in organizing it, I may not have known it was happening. The Darfur concert is just one of many public interest events that law students have been instrumental in organizing and executing. Far from allowing themselves to be bogged down by their course loads, many students make the time to put in a remarkable number of hours into charitable causes. Attending the Darfur concert Friday night reminded me again why I am so lucky to be a part of the Yale Law School community. As much as anything else, it is the altruistic motivations, tireless effort, and dogged perseverance of students like those instrumental in organizing that evening to make a plan and put it into action that make Yale such an amazing place to spend three years.