Connecting to Yale University

March 27, 2012 - 12 AM

W.L., 1L

Yale Law School is an extraordinary place. And it’s extraordinary not only because of everything that takes place at 127 Wall Street (which is quite remarkable), but also because of the opportunities we have to connect with Yale University as a whole.

First, and perhaps most officially, are joint degree opportunities. A number of my closest friends are pursuing joint degrees with other schools here at Yale, including the Divinity School, the Forestry School, and the Graduate School, just to name a few. A few weeks ago I actually did an admissions interview with the Yale School of Management, as I’m considering tacking on an MBA. Thanks to a new, innovative partnership between YLS and the School of Management, students can obtain that joint degree in just three years.

Second, there are multiple opportunities to connect with the University by working as a Research Assistant or a Teaching Assistant. This semester I’ve had the great fortune to work with one of Yale University’s all-star professors by serving as his Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate political science course in American public policy. Each week I attend the lectures, meet with the professor, teach two sections, develop assignments, and grade papers. While the workload can be significant, I can say that it’s been one of most fun, valuable, and worthwhile things I’ve done since coming to Yale. And, for what it’s worth, the pay is quite nice as well!

Finally, there are a host of other, less formal ways that we can take advantage of all the opportunities offered by Yale University. There are lectures, concerts, and conferences (just this year I have already attended one on philanthropy at the School of Management and another on environmental policy at the School of Forestry). There are sporting events (believe it or not!) and theatre at the Yale Rep. And, of course, there is the beauty of the campus, and very little can rival walking through the quads on a gorgeous sunny day.

In short, there are endless opportunities, not just at Yale Law School, but also at Yale University. The only sad part is that there’s no way to take advantage of them all, but I suppose that’s a very good problem to have.