Fall in New England

October 9, 2009

S.G., 2L

Coming from the South, the weather in New England was always one aspect of law school that I did not anticipate enjoying. While I do admit that winter in Connecticut is not always the most enjoyable situation, I absolutely love the fall!

This past week was the Law School’s Fall Break. One nice feature of Fall Break (other than the fact that you get a week off in the middle of the semester) is that it is usually scheduled around that time in October when fall is at its peak. This year, my girlfriend and I decided to take advantage of our surroundings by participating in two uniquely New England activities: leaf peeping and apple picking.

If you had told me that I would enjoy driving around Connecticut and other parts of New England just looking at trees on the side of the road, I probably would have laughed at you. But I would have been wrong. Fall in New Haven provides any driver or pedestrian with some beautiful and vibrant colors, ranging from bright yellow to deep red. When the temperature is in the 50s and 60s, and the leaves have turned, there is little better to do on a Saturday afternoon.

The second adventure that I would highly recommend is going apple picking. The closest apple orchard to New Haven is called Bishop’s Apple Orchard, and it is only about a fifteen minute drive away. (In most years, several 1L small groups will have apple picking events together.) Bishop’s has at least eight or ten different types of apples, and you pay for the apples based on weight. Also, while it is strongly discouraged by the orchard, it is a lot of fun to just grab an apple from a tree, wipe it on your sleeve, and bite right into it. That is certainly something unique that you don’t get to experience in many parts of the country. (Bishop’s has a “sin jar” when you check out so people can put in a little extra for these types of “transgressions” that they know occur.)

Fall Break is a great time to relax, catch up with friends, and appreciate some of the special activities that you can experience in and around the New Haven area. While winter is quickly approaching, I will continue to hold onto the weather and pictures of fall as long as I can.