Free Food at YLS

December 8, 2011 - 12 AM

D.D., 1L

Yale Law School has a secret - an absolutely delicious secret that very few law students talk about. Sure, everybody talks about the amazing speakers that Yale gets week-after-week (more accurately, day-after-day). Everyone also talks about the incredible diversity and quantity of clubs that exist at the law school (currently, the entrance to the cafeteria is graced with finger paintings courtesy of the Yale Law Finger Painting Club… seriously, the Yale Law Finger Painting Club). What students won’t tell you about, however, is the food… an endless supply of delicious food.

Next week, United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will be visiting the Yale Law Federalist Society for their weekly reading group. What I found most unexpected about the Federalist Society’s reading group is not that Justice Thomas is visiting; it’s that every week the Federalist Society, and almost every other student group here, eats a delicious lunch courtesy of the law school (yes, I concede that if you want to be picky about it, my tuition should probably cover a few free meals). But it is not just the Federalist Society that benefits from this delicious perk; it is every student organization.

Right now you are probably thinking, “Wow, Yale must have really run out of things to write blogs about if they have a student writing about receiving a free meal every now and then.” You would be wrong. I am writing about receiving a free meal almost every weekday and weeknight. I am not gifted in the culinary department and, as such, I loathe cooking. Even though I don't cook, the presence of a refrigerator and a television is enough to distract me from studying in my apartment. So most evenings I do my studying at the library. Almost every night without fail, when the clock strikes 8 o’clock, the magic happens: student organizations finish their meetings and send an email to “the wall” (a law student list-serve) announcing “LEFTOVERS IN ROOM _ _ _.” I am up and moving in seconds and, within minutes, feasting over delicious leftovers with fellow hungry students (my record is 27 meals out of 30 attempts and the three failures were completely my fault, as I was not paying attention to my inbox and the food was cleaned up before I arrived).

So if you are ever in the New Haven area and hungry, swing by the Yale Law School around 8pm. Wait to hear the pitter patter of the hungry 1Ls coming down the main stairs and follow them into one of the nearby classrooms for an absolutely delicious free dinner (and maybe even a laid back conversation with a Supreme Court Justice).