The Greater Yale Community

November 20, 2013

G.H., 1L

One thing I did not fully appreciate before starting at YLS is that, in many ways, New Haven is the ideal place to be a student. Although the Law School itself is a small community, it is part of the larger community of Yale University.

YLS students can take advantage of the university’s amazing facilities and resources, including Payne Whitney Gym (the second-largest gym in the world!) and the university’s extensive library system. Even though I’ve only been here for a couple months, I’ve already enjoyed playing squash at Payne Whitney and exploring the university’s different libraries to find different study spots. The Law School is also located across the street from the Hall of Graduate Studies, which houses students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and includes the McDougal Center, a coffee shop and common room that all Yale graduate students can access, and a dining hall, which my friends and I go to (when we’re too lazy to go to the grocery store and cook for ourselves!)

Apart from the university’s facilities and resources, YLS students also have the opportunity to meet and interact with students in Yale’s various graduate and professional schools. The Law School allows students to cross-register in courses in other programs, so if there is not a class directly focusing on your interests, you are free to explore the wide range of courses offered in other programs.

In addition to the McDougal Center, the university also operates a graduate student pub where YLS students can meet students from other programs. While I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the rest of my class and the 2Ls and 3Ls at the Law School, I’ve also appreciated the opportunity to meet students from the School of Management, School of Public Health, and the Divinity School. I went to a small college, which I loved, but I’ve come to appreciate the great benefits of a large university with students of so many different backgrounds and experiences.