Halloween Dodgeball

November 19, 2009

A.S., 1L

Just because we are in law school doesn’t mean we are past donning ridiculous costumes and celebrating Halloween in extravagant fashion. One of the first days of class, Professor Brilmayer offered her lakefront house for a Halloween party if our Civil Procedure class would do the planning. That was all the prompting we needed. Within days, we formed a Halloween Planning Committee, drew up a budget sheet and began meetings with shuttle companies, caterers, and entertainers. The “hard” work culminated in the most memorable party for our 1L class this semester.

The night of the party, the Party Planning Committee came fully armed with pounds upon pounds of candy, food, and drinks. With Michael Jackson’s Thriller blasting in the background, the house soon filled to the brim with 1L costume genius. One student (who came in second in the costume contest) went as Dean Harold Koh, the former Dean of the Law School who recently left to serve as legal adviser to the Department of State. Another group of 1Ls went as the Batman gang. My small group decided to band together and go as a dodgeball team, named Conflict of Balls (Get it? Conflict of Laws!). Since we all carried around dodgeballs, what inevitably ensued was a massive inter-small group game of dodgeball on the lawn played in complete darkness. It really is true that we are not competitive in the classroom and have great camaraderie (such as sharing notes and outlines on a daily basis), but our competitive streaks were in full force on that makeshift dodgeball field. Cheerleaders screamed from the sidelines. Playful rivalries in the form of chants and banter reverberated between small groups. The game lasted nearly 45 minutes and only ended because too many balls disappeared into the lake and/or darkness.

At the end of the night, with nearly 100% food consumption, our 1L class clambered onto the shuttle for the ride back to New Haven, retelling stories of the night.