I’ll Miss You, New Haven

April 10, 2012

D.S., 3L

Graduation. It’s approaching, quickly. This week will be the kickoff to 40 Nights, the third year class’s countdown to graduation day. With the end quickly approaching, I thought I’d make an unorganized off-the-cuff list of things I will miss about Yale and New Haven:


I will miss going to the Whale, one of college’s most famous hockey arenas, to see a nationally ranked Yale team play. I will miss chanting “it’s all your fault” at the opposing goalie after we score. I will miss playing with the new graduate hockey team we formed this year, and beating up on the School of Management.

Harvard – Yale Game:

There are a handful of sports rivalries that stand out above the rest due to long history and mutual animosity. This is definitely one of them. Harvard may have the better football team, but Yale has more fun.

Street food:

The Caseus grilled cheese truck, the burrito carts, the Thai food carts, the Ethiopian food cart, the Arepa cart. Amazing food, unbeatable prices, super friendly people serving it. What more could you ask for?

The surrounding areas:

I will miss hiking up Sleeping Giant, enjoying a pristine beach, driving through beautiful Connecticut countryside and old New England seaports, and the best seafood ever at little roadside shacks. And it’s all within a half hour drive.


90 minutes to New York, 2.5 hours to Boston, 3 hours to great skiing in Vermont.

The Yale shuttle:

Like a taxi, but free, with super nice drivers and an automated phone call when its close. Plus the dedicated law school shuttle (with Mario, the driver who has memorized where every student on his route lives) to take me home from the law school on bad weather days.

There’s many more things I would list if I had more space. But there is no doubt in my mind what the number one thing on my list is. I will miss the lifelong friends I made.