Married Life at YLS

December 12, 2008

M.K.A., 1L

I graduated from college on May 10, got married on May 31, and then moved across country a few months later to begin Yale Law School. I was somewhat apprehensive about coming to Yale as a married woman. I didn’t know what my husband would do. He’s from Bolivia and is still learning English. I thought it might be hard for him to make friends and that he would feel excluded in groups of all law students.

It turns out that almost every other person at YLS speaks Spanish. One day during orientation my husband came to have lunch with me. Someone overheard us speaking Spanish and jumped in the conversation. A few minutes later, the entire table was speaking Spanish! That’s the type of incredible experience that will happen to you all the time at Yale. I believe Dean Koh said that our incoming class speaks over 20 languages.

YLS is incredibly diverse in its student body. I was surprised to learn that so many of my classmates took time off and worked between college and law school. In my procedure class I sit next to a woman who has won 7 Emmy awards. I know someone else who started her own skydiving company for women. You can’t be weird or different at Yale because everyone is different at Yale. There are plenty of single students, married students, students with children, students in their twenties, and students in their forties and fifties.

Everyone is unique, but Yale Law School cherishes that uniqueness and diversity. Everyone here, including 2Ls, 3Ls and my professors, have been extremely friendly and welcoming to my husband. He is currently taking English classes at Gateway Community College located close to Yale and is working part-time.

There are plenty of things for married couples to do, and YLS often hosts events to which spouses and significant others are invited. Recently, my husband and I went bowling with my small group. My husband and I have even taken swing lessons from the Yale Swing and Blues Club. We also love to ride our bikes to East Rock Park, walk through the woods, and go to all the ethnic restaurants downtown. There is not shortage of things to do here as a married couple!

In short Yale is an extremely diverse and welcoming place. The Office of Student Development has resources to help spouses find jobs, and everyone will work hard to accommodate your situation, whatever it may be. You and your spouse will love it here!