May the Law Be Ever in Your Favor

May 6, 2014

S.A., 2L

Prom may seem like a distant high school memory, but most law schools have an annual prom-like formal dance. Yale’s is actually planned as a fundraiser by the Initiative for Public Interest Law at Yale, a student-run non-profit organization which funds public-interest fellowships for law students applying from all over the country. The Initiative grants money to innovative, cutting-edge projects focused on protecting the legal interests of inadequately represented groups.

This year, our prom theme was the Hunger Games. The event was renamed as the “Capitol Ball” and given the motto “may the law be ever in your favor.” Instead of nominating and electing a king and queen as in years past, this year students nominated tributes from districts 2014, 2015, 2016, and LLM. Throughout the week leading up to the Capitol Ball, these tributes played an elaborate game of Assassins that culminated in the two last tributes being crowned as victors at the Ball. The entire school received regular updates when tributes fell and during the two “feasts” that required all of the tributes to appear at a certain place at a certain time. This may sound a bit cheesy, and in fact was so, but receiving those emails and hearing stories from friends who served as tributes put a smile on my face all week. The theme extended to the actual event, with bow and arrow props at the photo booth and some students arriving in costume.

YLS prom not only contributes to a very important cause but is also one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. While there are regular school-wide bar reviews, happy hours, and other social events, prom presents the unique opportunity to dress up, grab dinner or drinks with friends beforehand, and celebrate the past year with the entire school.