On Meeting Alums

November 26, 2007

L.A., 2L

Alumni Weekend is easily one of my favorite weekends of the year, and one of the annual events that make me love being at YLS so much.

Last year for Alumni Weekend the school hosted a huge party, the Alumni Gala. The event was open to current students, so I decided to buy a ticket, put on a gown and go mingle with the alums. The night ended up being a huge blast. I had the chance to meet Tim and Nina Zagat (of restaurant guide fame), and some equally famous and successful jurists, writers, junior politicians, journalists and artists—not to mention having the opportunity to dance with our very own Dean Koh (who can really burn up the dance floor, I should add). Of course, there were many lawyers there, but the best part about the evening was realizing how many of our alumni are not practicing law, but have used what they learned here to become successful in dozens of related—and unrelated—fields.

This year I worked as a Student Aide during Alumni Weekend, which gave me an opportunity to interact a lot more with our visiting alumni. I heard stories about Joe Lieberman and the Clintons’ days at YLS, briefly met Michael Mukasey, listened to reminiscences about the squash courts and ping pong tables that used to be in the library (can we have those back?), met a gentleman who was elected to the Supreme Court of West Virginia just three years after graduating from YLS, and had a great time welcoming these incredible people back to their alma mater. I also had dinner at the best restaurant in town with the Class of 1957, a group of dizzily successful yet surprisingly down to earth, kind people. I felt very lucky to be able to say we all had something in common.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that I’m really glad I made the choice to come here. I, like many others at YLS, am still not sure that I actually want to be a “lawyer” when I grow up, but I know the things I learn and the people I meet while here will likely have a huge impact on whoever I end up becoming. And for that I am profoundly grateful.