Movies at Yale

February 5, 2009

K.S., 3L

Yale Law School has erased my need for Blockbuster and Netflix. Indeed, one could make the argument that the robust social scene at Yale makes movies second class – that is not the point of this post. Instead, Yale Law School’s tremendous movie collection has made Blockbuster a thing of the past (well, at least a trivial thing until graduation).

Our movie collection is one of the many under discussed treasures of Yale Law School. Located smack in the middle of the Federal Practice Digest Series and Almanacs, our movie section offers a wide variety of film and television shows available for free to all Yale Law Students. At first, I was skeptical that any movies I wanted to see would be in circulation. Of course, there would be a copy of Legally Blond (even though the main character attends school up north), and maybe a few John Grisham flicks, but nothing that I really cared about. And what’s more cliché than a law student watching movies about lawyers?

This all changed one day when two of my friends were discussing how they spent the whole day watching Arrested Development and Entourage. Intrigued at how they landed such DVDs on a meager graduate student budget, I asked who footed the bill. Gleeful at the opportunity to mock me, one responded: our very own Dean of the law school, Harold Koh. Not unsurprised that our Dean would be so benevolent, I actually believed the statement until the other friend corrected my ignorance.

Since then, I have checked out a movie a week. All for free, and all with my Yale ID. I felt so informed when I headed back home during break, and I was able to talk about the new plot twists on Lost, or use the lingo from Iron Man.

The great thing about Yale is that our students are overachievers, but the school’s structure allows for leisure time to be a key element of each student’s life. I can watch movies, socialize with my friends, and still manage a healthy workload. All of this can be done without losing sleep, which is something I can’t say for my friends at other top schools. If you come here, please don’t make the same mistake I did - find the movie section of the library immediately.