New Haven – A Pleasant Surprise

November 5, 2013

G.H., 1L

Before I got into Yale, I had been planning to attend school either in Boston or California. I was living in DC at the time, and looked forward to exploring a new metropolis or basking in the beautiful West Coast sunshine. When I was accepted to Yale, I was thrilled. However, it would be unfair to omit that I also felt a little disappointed about moving to New Haven. Though I never seriously considered attending another school after being accepted, I moved here feeling apprehensive about going to a small city with a less-than-sterling reputation.

Now that I live here, I can’t imagine being in school anywhere else. For one, it’s an affordable place to live. I have a great apartment that doesn’t cost nearly as much as the old, dilapidated one I rented in DC. I am able to ride my bike to the Law School every day, which takes only a few minutes and is super easy because of New Haven’s flat topography and relative lack of congestion. I live in a residential neighborhood with lots of shops, restaurants, and coffee shops – and right down the street from a park.

New Haven itself has way more to offer than I was expecting. If you’re expecting New York, it obviously doesn’t compare, but there are a number of actually good (not just good for New Haven) restaurants and bars. (Another perk: drinks are way cheaper than in big cities!) I have also really been enjoying the arts scene, especially Yale Rep, where students can buy tickets for a huge discount.

And, if you do want to go to New York or Boston, it is so easy to take Amtrak or Metro North. As someone not from the East Coast originally, I am still excited by the ease of taking public transportation from city to city. Both cities are about two hours away, close enough for a weekend getaway or even a trip during the week.

The Law School, graduate student association, and Yale as a whole generally have more activities and events than I could ever hope to attend, and there’s always something going on. You’re more likely to be overwhelmed by all of the things to do within Yale than to be bored with New Haven as a whole.