Small Group Pride

December 16, 2010 - 12 AM

T.B., 1L

Every YLS 1L has small group pride, but mine is especially justified. For nearly four months, I have had the privilege of sharing my first semester experience with fifteen wonderful people, all of whom have become my friends. The following stories demonstrate some of the many reasons why my small group is particularly special.

Torts is our biggest class. In a larger lecture class, an over-eager law student might try to stand out through enthusiastic class participation, visits to the professor’s office hours, or other studious and scholarly pursuits. My small group opted to get to know our professor in a different manner. We invited him to join us for trivia at a nearby bar. There, we did our best to impress with our knowledge of 80s rock music, reality TV, and sports. Admittedly, our small group’s members do participate in class and occasionally visit our professor during office hours. But, let’s be honest, we are most excited about the fact that our small group, with our torts professor at the helm, recently claimed second place in trivia!

In November, our Contracts professor provided another opportunity for our small group to shine: a fable contest, for which we wrote fables with morals that connected to the cases in our casebook. The fable contest offered a welcome opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with creative writing. Yesterday, after weeks of anticipation, our professor announced the winners: a tie for first place between two of my small group members!

Based on a hopeful assumption that no current 1L is reading this, I will even go so far as to mention another small group victory. Each fall, Lexis-Nexis sponsors a 1L pizza party challenge. The small group that collectively completes the most online legal research tutorials wins a pizza party. The preliminary results, with one week remaining in the contest, showed my small group narrowly ahead of the competition. We encouraged ourselves with emailed rallying cries and set personal goals for tutorial completion. After the contest ended, we anxiously awaited the results. Had we prevailed? We soon had the answer to our question. We won with a grand total of 91 tutorials. The second-place small group completed 13. I will admit the embarrassment of a landslide victory in online tutorial completion. However, we will soon celebrate the end of the semester with free pizza.

Although I look forward to different classes with new faces next semester, I will truly miss sharing my law school experience with my fabulous small group. With the annual Small Group Olympics awaiting us in the spring, however, I am confident that this will not be the end of our shared accomplishments.