Sterling Facilities

March 28, 2011 - 12 AM

T.B., 1L

As a student at YLS, I spend a lot of time inside the beautiful Sterling Law Building. Some particularly impressive aspects of the ornate, Gothic architecture include: the intricate carvings that adorn the main entranceway, walls, and archways; the large windows embellished with stained glass designs; and the intricate grandeur of the library’s reading room ceiling. The building is truly magnificent.

Some of my favorite places in the law school are less majestic in design, but are nonetheless noteworthy. For example:

The Table.

When I first arrived at the YLS, I was underwhelmed by the worn, wooden table in the front hallway. Now, I appreciate its significance. The Table is one of the law school’s convening points. Many plans begin with “meet me at The Table.” Between classes, The Table serves as the centerpiece for discussions and debates. Best of all, The Table functions as the offering place for free food, left over from law school events.

The Fish Tank.

A study area by the fish tank offers peaceful seclusion in the depths of the law school library. The fish provide quiet company for those seeking a change of scenery from the library’s more populated study areas.

The Secret Passageway to the ‘M’ Entryway.

Okay, okay… it’s not a secret passageway per se. Numerous signs guide the way, and I suppose there is a map somewhere. Regardless, I felt proud the first time I made the winding journey from familiar territory to seemingly hidden faculty, journal, and clinic offices. In the winter, this passageway provides a warm and dry alternative to crossing the courtyard. In any season, tables and chairs in the nooks and crannies along the way serve as unique meeting and study spaces.

The Courtyard.

The courtyard is easily accessible for a breath of fresh air during classes. Sometimes, I will optimistically bring a book outside with the intention of reading. However, classmates congregating at the picnic tables or on the grass prove that the courtyard is best for picnics and conversations.

The law school building itself is part of what makes my YLS experience special.