Student Affairs

February 26, 2013

B.M., 1L

What do happy hours, meditation, study breaks, and March Madness all have in common? Students at YLS get to enjoy all of these activities, courtesy of our extremely active and friendly staff in the Office of Student Affairs.

Every few weeks, they put on new and exciting events for us. We had a sushi night last semester, and a taste of New Orleans less than a month ago. Even if you don’t get in line first, like I make a point of doing, you’ll still get plenty to eat and drink! If you’re feeling stressed (yes, even Yale students feel stress occasionally), you can head to a weekly meditation session. If you love college basketball or you’re just looking for something to do between classes, you can swing by the student affairs office to watch the tournament and get some snacks.

But we get to do more than eat, drink, relax, and celebrate. We also get to take advantage of the friendly and insightful advice and counseling from our student affairs staff. These are the folks who are here to help make our lives easier. Not sure what classes to take? When to start your writing requirements? Whether you’ll be able to handle that clinic, seminar, three lectures, and work as a professor’s research assistant all in the same semester? John McKiernan, our Director of Academic Advising, will help you figure it all out. Need help planning an event? Putting on a student-run conference? Sachi Rodgers, our Director of Student Affairs, is there to help. Trying to balance school work with a life outside of law school? Having an issue with a class? Just want to chat? Kathleen Overly, our Associate Dean for Student Affairs, always has time to talk with you.

No single aspect of YLS creates the supportive atmosphere that we have here. Our classmates, particularly our small group of 16 students, are a big part of that. So are our professors and other faculty. But the experience wouldn’t be the same without the student affairs staff watching out for us, guiding us around law school’s potential pitfalls, and helping us take advantage of everything YLS has to offer.