Trivia Night

April 7, 2011 - 12 AM

A. S., 2L

Last week, students from Yale Law Women and the American Constitution Society planned a school-wide Trivia Night fundraiser. The funding for the Trivia Night came from the law school, through a special fund open by application to any student-run project that will benefit the law school community.

Food and drink were abundant as teams of five, registered with names such as “Wonder Women” and “Men with Appealing Briefs,” competed for the title of “Most Knowledgeable.” Two second-year law students MC’ed the well-attended event, often teasing and calling out fellow students by name. Though Yale Law students are of great upstanding moral character, there was no dearth of sabotage and cheating involved throughout Trivia Night!

The Trivia Night was a fundraiser for Ms. JD’s Global Education Fund. Ms. JD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan community dedicated to advancing women in the legal profession. Ms. JD and Yale Law Women have had a rich history together as Yale Law School was the site of Ms. JD’s first annual conference five years ago. Current Yale Law students sit on Ms. JD’s board or benefit from Ms. JD fellowship. And earlier this year, the board of Yale Law Women published an editorial in Ms. JD. Needless to say, our community was happy to give back to this worthy organization.

All proceeds from the Trivia Night were donated to the Global Education Fund, which benefits women who otherwise could not afford higher education. This year the Global Education Fund is enabling Joaninne Nanyange and Monica Athieno, two young Ugandan women, to study law at Makerere University in Kampala. This particular fundraiser sheds light on how the students at this school look beyond just the gates of Yale Law. Any world event, most recently the tsunami in Japan, spurs students into action within minutes. Without hesitation, students organize to give monetary and material donations, write editorials to bring attention to the issue, and most importantly, give their time to actively support and take part in these events. Our activism and education is not limited to the classroom or school organized events.