A Weekend in the Life of a YLS Student

March 18, 2008

M.H., 3L

Something that should be highlighted is that there is much more to law school than studying the law. Hence, some of you are probably wondering what life outside the hallowed halls of Yale Law School is like. To help answer your inquires, I’ll give you an idea of some of the things I do on a typical weekend. (To be clear, I’m giving you a sample of some of the things I do on the weekend. I’m a single 25 year old, male. People with different life circumstances may have somewhat different experiences, but a lot of the social events I’ll talk about are open to all YLS students.)

Thursday: Weekends usually begin on Thursday night at YLS. Each week, the law school’s student representatives organize a “Bar Review” at a different bar or lounge in New Haven. There are usually good drink specials, and all YLS students are invited. It’s a great way to relax and celebrate the upcoming weekend and see people in a different context from sitting in classes all week.

Friday: For my group of friends, Friday evenings usually involve some combination of dinner and a sporting event. Sometimes, we’ll get together at the YLS Happy Hour, which is held every Friday evening in the Dining Hall. Snacks and drinks are provided by the law school, and all members of the YLS community are invited. After happy hour this week, we’re planning to attend the Yale Hockey game at the ice rink, probably followed by dinner at one of New Haven’s many ethnic restaurants.

Saturday: For me, Saturday mornings and afternoons are generally pretty laid back. A lot of times, a group of us will head to the gym for a game of pick-up basketball, usually in the late morning. Some weeks, a student organization will plan an outing. (Two weeks ago, I went with the Environmental Law Association on a trip to the aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut.) Other times, I’m able to use Saturday afternoons to catch up on reading or other work that needs to be done. On many Saturday nights, there are bigger social events planned. Birthdays at the Law School rarely go unnoticed, and many people will celebrate their birthdays by inviting a large group of people from the law school out either to a bar or to a party at someone’s apartment.

Sunday: I usually use Sundays to relax, catch up with family and non-law school friends, and do a little bit of work. I usually attend church on Sunday morning and then make a round of phone calls to my parents, grandparents, and several aunts and uncles. For me, this is a good time to refocus after a busy week of classes and activities. I usually spend Sunday afternoons doing work to get ready for the next week of classes. During the fall semester, a group of us will usually get together at night to get food and watch the Sunday night football game.

One of the greatest things about attending a small school in a small city is the ability to get to know your classmates. There are usually several large social events every weekend. These events are great opportunities to get to know some really amazing people in a more relaxed setting. Some great friendships and some of my best memories of YLS have started over a platter of veggies and dip at the YLS happy hour or while sipping a beer at a Bar Review.