Yale-Harvard Game

November 23, 2007

C.P., 1L

Go Yale beat Harvard! I have just experienced my first Harvard-Yale weekend and a glimpse into the all-encompassing bulldog pride that is truly at its height during this weekend. Harvard-Yale weekend is not just for the undergraduates. Everyone becomes a part of the craze, students and staff of the graduate and professional schools as well. It all started Friday night when I went to the annual “Court Classic”. The court classic is a basketball game that raises money to fund public interest job searches (traveling to interviews, primarily). Every year Yale Law School takes on Harvard Law School on the court. The competition kicked of with an introduction of the players by our very own Dean Koh. Nothing could be better than getting to cheer on the YLS team and watching the faculty go head to head during the half!

After this prelude into the Yale-Harvard competition, came the big day on Saturday. I couldn’t have been happier to put aside my brief writing and textbook reading for a day to show some team spirit. Even though I am not such a huge football fan, I definitely partook in the tailgates. This year YLS tailgated with the other graduate students in what was an incredibly well attended event. From hotdogs to beer and hot chocolate, it was great to share some team spirit with my fellow law students. Even though we lost this year, I had an amazing weekend seeing old friends (you’d be shocked how many people come to Yale for this game) and meeting new people in my 1L class. It was interesting to see that it isn’t just current students that came out for the game, but alums of all ages. I thought football games and tailgates ended with my undergraduate career. I guess I was wrong! It looks like not only do I have two more years of Harvard-Yale weekends, but countless more as an alum.