Yale Law School Tidbits

October 25, 2010 - 12 AM

H. J. X., 3L

Yale Law School is known for its academic vigor and small size. I want to share some YLS gems that you (until now!) would only discover once you become a student. These are just a few of the reasons why YLS is a truly special place:

The Law School Dining Hall:

The Law School dining hall is the perfect setting for students to gather and chat over snacks or meals. It’s open from 8AM to 7PM, so it becomes a study space, too. Students often sit on the leather sofas next to the windows looking out to the flowers of the Law School courtyard. During class breaks, students drop by the dining hall for a snack or drink. It’s worth it just to catch a glimpse of the stained glass windows and wood-paneled walls.

The Law School Shuttle:

Yale has a comprehensive transit system, which includes regular bus routes during the day and minibus/van door-to-door service after 6 PM. However, the Law School has its own shuttle! The shuttles begin running at 6 PM and come every 15 minutes, and they will drop you off at your door. This means you can time your studying in the library and go downstairs to catch the minibus without waiting. It’s super convenient and a great resource for cold, winter nights!

YLS Community Happy Hours:

Because each class only has about 200 students, YLS really has a small community feel. One of my favorite events is the community happy hours every Friday. The dining hall provides free food and drinks (read: alcohol), and it’s a great opportunity for the Law School to get together.

At the beginning of the school year, there’s always a Law School picnic, where professors and families enjoy burgers in the courtyard and huge cakes decorated with the Law School crest. In December, the Law School holds its annual holiday party. Last year, the dining hall was filled with colored balloons. Children (students’ and professors’ kids) decorated cookies, got their faces painted, and made colored sand art (I did these, too). The Dean dressed up as Santa and took pictures with the kids on his lap (I did not do this).

The DVD Collection in the Law School Library:

I probably go to the Law School library more often to check out its DVDs than to study in my carrel. Students get access to hundreds of DVDs that can be borrowed for free. And not old, stuffy movies, either. New releases. I realized later that the movies probably need to be tangentially related to the law to be in the library. But that means Sex & the City counts because Miranda is a lawyer. Not much legal substance in that series.