YLS Athletics

December 14, 2009

D.S., 1L

On a Sunday morning in early November, close to twenty law students, one fan, and one dog arrived at the playing fields near the Yale Bowl. Most of us had been up late the night before. Some of had spend Saturday night working on briefs, memos, clinic or journal work or any of the thousand other things Yale Law students are responsible for doing. Others took a night off and went out to one of New Haven’s many bars. Still, all of us were out at the fields taking batting and fielding practice before the Yale Graduate-Professional Intramural Softball Semifinals. We had had a great season, winning our division, but now it was time to see if that would translate to postseason success.

After an inning and a half, it wasn’t looking very good. Our defense fell apart in the top of the second, putting us in a quick 12-0 hole. So our captain told us to relax and grab a drink from the cooler - the pressure was off and we could just have fun, and we did. We also played the best defense in our life, holding our opposition (the Yale School of Public Health) scoreless for the next five innings as our bats chipped away at their lead. When our first-baseman caught a bases-loaded pop out to end the top of the seventh and final inning, we were headed to the finals having won 13-12.

Unfortunately, we would lose in the finals the next week, but we all had a fantastic time and are looking forward to doing one better in the spring. To the athletically minded out there, we would love to have you here and there are plenty of outlets for your skills. Along with softball, Yale Law has two intramural soccer teams and a volleyball team in the spring and basketball and volleyball teams in the winter. You can also play on the Yale Rugby Team or on the Yale School of Management’s ice hockey team.

The weekend of November 21st was The Game, the 126th meeting between the Harvard and Yale football teams and probably the biggest Yale sporting event of the year (and the tailgates are ridiculous). But Yale Law students are more than just fans. The night before the football teams kick off, a team of YLS students challenged a team of HLS students in a basketball game benefiting both schools’ public interest summer funding programs. At halftime, the YLS faculty (led by a certain torts professor whose skills are legendary) traditionally dominates the HLS faculty in a game of their own – this year, the HLS faculty didn’t send a team: rumors suggested they were sick of being beaten. Then, on Saturday morning before the pregame parties began, the Yale Law Journal took down the Harvard Law Review in a muddy flag football game.

So if you’re into athletic endeavors, Yale Law is a great place to be. And since we would love to keep blowing out the Harvard teams and bringing home intramural championships, we would love to have you join us.