The YLS Mystery Benefactor

December 5, 2012

R.I., 3L

By 5:45pm last Wednesday, the line stretched out of the dining hall and around the corner. A sign to the left read “FREE SUSHI provided by a generous YLS Alum.” The promise did not disappoint. When I finally reached the front of the line, there were dozens of plates of sushi for the taking. I’m embarrassed to admit I went back for seconds. Ok, fine, thirds.

This is not the first time this mystery benefactor has made an appearance. Every year at the end of spring semester, we receive an e-mail announcing the annual “All School Party” at a local bar, with free food and drinks for the whole school. The student representatives remind us that the party is “thanks to the generosity of our beloved anonymous donor.” No matter how busy everyone is getting ready for spring finals and summer jobs, there is always a great turnout.

So who is this mystery benefactor? We have no idea. The secret of the anonymous donor is very well-kept. All we know is that he or she is a YLS alum who has chosen to give back to the community by sponsoring fun, social activities for students. No matter how overcommitted we are, it’s amazing how delicious free food can get everyone to drop what they’re doing – whether it be clinic, reading, journal, or moot court – and come spend time with friends.

And I think that’s exactly what the mystery benefactor intended: to remind us that in the midst of working hard we should also have fun and take advantage of what I think is the best part of being a student at YLS – your classmates. Seriously, when else in life will you be surrounded by such an incredible group of people? I hope someday I, too, can give back to the YLS community in such a unique and thoughtful way. Thanks, mystery benefactor!