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Anisa Rowhani-Farid, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate


Anisa Rowhani-Farid, PhD joins the CORE CRIT Team as a Postdoctoral Associate.  Prior to working at CRIT, Anisa was pursuing a PhD at the Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation at Queensland University of Technology. Her research was in the field of meta-research, specifically in the areas of reproducibility and incentives, and aimed at increasing data (and code) sharing rates among researchers with a particular focus on the role health and medical journals play through their policies and incentives.  Before starting her PhD, Anisa worked for eight years in the field of social and economic development, predominantly in public health and community development.  She brings to CORE CRIT her diverse experience, which ranges from implementing grassroots community public health initiatives in the rural areas of Vanuatu (her home country), to leading meta-research studies, and working in collaboration with medical journals, such as British Medical Journal Open to improve health and medicine.