Workshops are held at 12:10 pm in the Faculty Lounge, unless otherwise noted. View the 2016 Fall schedule.

Background readings are generally posted a week in advance. Please click on title of workshop and scroll down for readings.   

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Workshop Schedule

March 30 Thursday

Human Rights Workshop: Pardiss Kebriaei, "Rights in a Post-Post-9/11 America"

12:10PM to 1:30PM

Faculty Lounge

Pardiss Kebriaei is a Senior Staff Attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, where she works on challenging U.S. government abuses in the national security context.

April 6 Thursday

Human Rights Workshop: Jamila Raqib, "Learning from Global Non-Violent Movements"

12:10PM to 1:30PM

Faculty Lounge

Jamila Raqib serves as the Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution and as a Research Affiliate of the Center for International Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  She holds a degree in management from Simmons College, and works closely with Dr. Gene Sharp, the World’s foremost scholar on strategic nonviolent action.

April 13 Thursday

Human Rights Workshop: Colette Pichon Battle, Esq., "Building a People-centered Human Right Movement in the South and Beyond"

12:10PM to 1:30PM

Faculty Lounge

Colette Pichon Battle, Esq. is the Executive Director of the US Human Rights Network.  She previously worked at the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, an organization that she founded and where she has served as Executive Director and Attorney.

Colette grew up in Louisiana where she returned after Hurricane Katrina to help frontline communities with disaster relief efforts. She has spent the last ten years in the Gulf region and was a lead coordinator for Gulf South Rising 2015, a regional initiative around climate justice and just transition in the South.  

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