As of the class of 2017, students will pay YLS JD tuition and fees in the first and third years of the program, and SOM tuition and fees in the second year. Financial aid awards follow what students would receive were they enrolled in the individual degree programs, i.e., financial aid follows YLS policies in years 1 and 3 and SOM policies in year 2. SOM does not provide need-based aid, but it will review the 1L YLS scholarship received (if any) by the student as part of the admissions process. Merit-based scholarships provided at SOM may differ.

Need-based loans originated through the Law School (program years 1 and 3) are eligible for the Law School’s Career Options Assistance Program (COAP). Loans originated through SOM (program year 2) are eligible for SOM's Loan Forgiveness Support.

View a comparison of loan forgiveness programs at the Law School and School of Management.

For additional information about financial aid, COAP and SOM’s Loan Forgiveness Support, please contact the respective financial aid offices at YLS Financial Aid Office, and SOM Financial Aid Office.