Gabriella Capone

Student Fellow

Gabriella Capone is a JD/MBA candidate at Yale Law School and Yale School of Management whose experiences spans civic, financial, and transit technologies. Her current work includes promoting the use of public crowdsourcing and technology to improve lawmaking (CrowdLaw). A Fellow at The Governance Lab at NYU, she led the launch of Crowd.Law, which includes a report she co-authored with Professor Beth Noveck and findings from a workshop she facilitated for legislators from more than 20 states across the Western Hemisphere. At Yale, she co-founded the Yale Law Urbanists, leads the Yale Law Social Entrepreneurs, and is a Student Fellow at the Information Society Project. She is a Forté Fellow at the School of Management.

Gabby is also passionate about data analytics for the enhanced design of economic, urban, and transit systems. Previously, she worked in fintech on the design of an industrial taxonomy and enterprise data platform for portfolio and index construction. In the transit space, she served as Interim Policy Director for a fleet management start-up and worked in the Colombian national infrastructure (and non-profit) sectors. Gabby received a BA with Honors from Swarthmore College in 2014, where her thesis used GIS to analyze the relationship between transit and job access in Philadelphia. As an undergrad she led the scaling of student government from 10 to 30 representatives and played varsity field hockey.

Of Puerto Rican and Italian-American descent, Gabby is fluent in Spanish. She tweets @CrowdLawYale and @thegabcap.