The YES Project will facilitate communication and collaboration among human rights and health research experts, fostering advocacy/scientific relationships and networking to benefit LGBT youth. It will do this through in-person meetings, systems of information exchange, such as policy-relevant research summaries in web-based archives, and promotion of data sharing.

YES will convene meetings organized around topics about the intersection between LGBT youth health and well-being, and and related laws, policies and rights. Topics for these meetings, reflecting key advocacy priorities in the U.S. and internationally, will be identified by the YES Project’s leadership team in consultation with outside experts and an LGBT youth sounding board.

These meetings will address health research and programmatic, legal and human rights strategies. In doing so, it will consider appropriate methodologies that acknowledge the intersectionality of the needs of youth related not only to their sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity, but also based upon their status as women, racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants/refugees, and other traditionally disadvantaged categories of people.


2018 Planning Conference with Stakeholders

On October 19, 2018, representatives from leading stakeholder LGBT youth advocacy organizations met in Washington DC with youth mental health research, human rights and legal experts involved in planning the YES Project. Two brainstorming sessions explored current policy priorities, the scientific evidence relevant to these, and the basis for a relevant and appropriate project work plan.

Meeting Report