Recent Publications:


The YES Project will generate products, such as meeting reports and annotated bibliographies of key information, that can be used to produce advocacy tools and materials. It will make these available through a variety of channels:

  • Meetings and networking opportunities for scientists, human rights and legal experts, policymakers and advocates
  • Website
  • Reports and publications, including scholarly journal articles, meeting reports, annotated bibliographies, public service tools, and press kits

In addition, it will identify priority research topics for affiliated trainees in mental health, law, and allied fields. In this way, YES will serve as a platform and meeting place that can help to:

  1. Assemble and disseminate mental health, epidemiological, and other research knowledge, including the study of the relationship of law and legal frameworks to LGBT youth health, as relevant to advocacy;
  2. Help ground advocacy for best LGBT youth health-related programs, policies, and human rights in scientific evidence;
  3. Facilitate technical assistance for LGBT youth health and human rights advocates by scientists;
  4. Promote accurate evaluation of effective strategies for stigma reduction;
  5. Clarify the intersection of LGBT issues with those affecting other marginalized groups;
  6. Clarify appropriate methods of data collection, paradigms of knowledge and theories of change in support of LGBT youth and broader social justice goals;
  7. Enable rights experts to better develop materials to help LGBT youth.