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Giordana Campagna

Schell Center Visiting Human Rights Fellow

Giordana is a Schell Center Visiting Human Rights Fellow, and is currently also completing a PhD in Law at the University of Cambridge (King’s College). Her primary research interests lie in criminal law, legal philosophy, and human rights law. In her PhD, she explored the relationship between law and mercy from an intellectual historical as well as conceptual perspective. Her current research project ‘Can you forgive evil?’ tries to answer the question of whether gross violations of human rights can properly be the subject of pardons. In other words, she asks whether some acts are so profoundly immoral that they can never be forgiven by the state. Giordana’s research has been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, including the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and the Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence.

Giordana grew up in Switzerland where she graduated with a Bachelor of Law (2012) and a Master of Law degree (2014) from the University of Zurich, and later studied Law at the University of Oxford (Lincoln College), obtaining an MJur degree (2017) and an MPhil in Law degree (2018). At Cambridge, she was co-convenor of the Cambridge Legal Theory Discussion Group and co-organised the fifth Cambridge Doctoral Workshop in Legal Theory in 2019. At Oxford, she conducted research for Oxford Pro Bono Publico and was co-convenor of the Graduate Research Students’ Lunch Group.

Photo of Giordana Campagna