"The Golden Age of the Law School is never now.
It was always in the past…and can be again
in the future if only we do a few things right."
Grant Gilmore ‘43, former Law School Professor

As a graduate of Yale Law School, you know that the School is an international leader in legal education where important connections are made and students are challenged not just to study the world, but to change it. You understand the unique atmosphere and experiences that a Yale Law School education provides. A thriving Law School Fund is vital to the School's maintaining that atmosphere, to fostering ongoing excellence, and to ensuring the School’s financial stability.

The Fund — which provides approximately 10% of the Law School’s annual revenue — is a principal means by which we evidence our commitment to the YLS mission. Gifts through the Law School Fund have a direct impact on the ability of the School to preserve its character and vibrancy and to meet the challenges ahead. It falls upon those of us who have experienced the School’s uniqueness for ourselves to help provide the funds necessary to maintain the School’s preeminence and to allow others to benefit from the rich educational experience it provides. I hope you will join me and countless others with a gift every year to the Law School Fund as a means of preserving and advancing this unrivaled institution.

Your gifts are an investment in our students, our faculty, and in the impact that the Law School will continue to have on the nation and the world. We offer our heartfelt thanks for your support of the Law School Fund.

Glenn M. Reiter ’76
Chair, Law School Fund

Law School Fund dollars provide immediate support to the School’s annual operating budget. With each new fiscal year comes a new operating budget and with each new operating budget comes the need for renewed annual support. Your Law School Fund gift, which is tax-deductible, is used for purposes including faculty and staff salaries, student financial aid, infrastructure maintenance, programming, library acquisitions, and classroom materials and equipment. You may also earmark a gift to be used for specific purposes.

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