The Law Firm Challenge is a friendly competition that promotes financial support of the Yale Law School Fund by alumni at leading law firms. The primary objective is to emphasize the impact of alumni support and increase the participation rate among law firm alumni while helping to preserve the excellence and innovation of Yale Law School.

Through a series of peer-to-peer solicitations conducted at both the Partner and Associate level, results will be tallied at the conclusion of each fundraising year–June 30–and published online according to the number of Yale Law School alumni employed by each firm. Law firms with the highest alumni participation rates receive recognition in the Annual Report of Giving and the firm names are prominently displayed in the Career Development Office.

View the current results of the Law Firm Challenge Program.

By participating in the Law Firm Challenge, alumni provide budget-supporting resources which directly impact the quality of legal education at Yale Law School. Your annual gift helps preserve the character, intimacy, and excellence of the Yale Law School experience while demonstrating your personal commitment and professional gratitude. One can earmark one’s gift in support of the following areas: Unrestricted Current Use, Financial Aid/COAP, Clinical Programs, Library Collections, Teaching and Research.

The Law Firm Challenge provides an opportunity for alumni to make a difference collectively to Yale Law School and (through matching gift programs) on behalf of their law firm. In addition to helping build a stronger alumni network, participation in the Law Firm Challenge signals alumni satisfaction with the School’s professional excellence and stature in the legal community.

To volunteer as a Yale Law Firm Challenge representative on behalf of your firm or to request additional information about this program, please contact Kiley Phelan, Assistant Director of  Marketing and Volunteer Engagement.