October 2 Monday

Practical Digital Security for Journalists (and their lawyers)

12:00PM to 2:00PM

Room 108

Practical Digital Security for Journalists (and their lawyers)

The Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Media Freedom & Information Access Clinic at Yale Law School invite you, your journalist colleagues and others from your organization to the next in their series of occasional lunchtime discussions of current issues facing journalists and their lawyers.

October 3 Tuesday

The Law is Adapting to a Software-driven World with Andrew Burt, CPO Immuta

12:00PM to 1:00PM

Room 128

Andrew is Chief Privacy Officer & Legal Engineer at Immuta, the data management platform for the world’s most secure organizations. He is also a visiting fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project.

October 6 Friday

ISP 20th Year Reunion

2:00PM to 5:00PM

SLB 127

Friday, October 6

3:00-3:30 Welcome & Game Committee

3:30-4:30 Super Lightning Round

4:30-5:30 New ISP Initiatives

• Moderator: Rebecca Crootof

• Nimrod Kozlovski, ISP Israel

• Tiffany Li, WIII

• Sean O’Brien, Privacy Lab

5:30-6:30 You Don’t Know Jack

7:00-9:30 Casual Dinner

October 7 Saturday

ISP 20th Year Reunion

(All day)

Room 127

Saturday, October 7


9:00-10:00 Breakfast


10:00-10:15 I Couldn’t Disagree With You More

10:15-11:30 Express Yourself

• Moderator: Claudia Haupt

• Colin Agur, Mobile Social Media, Activism, and Social Change

• Ignacio Cofone, Anti-discriminatory Privacy

• Jean-Philippe Foegle, Whistleblowing, Leaks, and Official Secrecy

• Ramesh Subramanian, The Jallikattu Protests of Tamil Nadu


11:30-12:00 Group Photo


12:00-1:30 Lunch


October 10 Tuesday

A Conversation with Carrie Cordero, Counsel, ZwillGen PLLC

12:10PM to 1:00PM

Yale Law School - Room 128

Over the past fifteen years, changes to U.S. intelligence law and policy have focused on information sharing within the U.S. Intelligence Community and amongst government entities. This discussion will explore whether law or policies need to be updated to facilitate intelligence and national security information being shared with the public at large.

October 16 Monday

TA3M- Techno Activism 3rd Monday: Freedom Box

7:00PM to 9:00PM

MakeHaven, 266 State Street, New Haven

Event description: 
October 17 Tuesday

Patent Exhaustion at the Supreme Court: Impression v. Lexmark

12:00PM to 1:00PM

Room 121

Professor Amy Kapczynski, Professor Jason Schultz and Professor Timothy Holbrook will discuss the implications of the Impression v. Lexmark decision to restrict the rights of patent owners both domestically and internationally.

October 20 Friday

Hijacking Information: Software Vulnerabilities, Ransomware, and Law


Rooms 124 and 128

Hijacking Information: Software Vulnerabilities, Ransomware, and Law

November 14, 2017, SLB 124; SLB 128

Breakfast Mingle:  9:00a–10:00a:  SLB 124

October 23 Monday

Free Speech & Security in the Age of Social Media Coffee & Conversation with Monika Bickert

2:30PM to 3:30PM

Faculty Lounge

The Center for Global Legal Challenges, The Information Society Project, and the National Security Group Present

Free Speech & Security in the Age of Social Media Coffee & Conversation with Monika Bickert Head of Product Policy and Counterterrorism, Facebook

In dialogue with World Fellow Raheel Khursheed

October 27 Friday

MFIA Access and Accountability Conference

8:00AM to 6:00PM


This conference will bring together transparency advocates of all stripes to identify current impediments to government openness and to develop strategies for addressing them.

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