We are always looking for sponsors for our initiatives, research areas, events, and fellows. To learn more about our past work, we invite you to review our accomplishment books.

Going forward, we are particularly interested in maintaining our current initiatives and in developing projects related to:

  • Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Accountability
  • Commercial Speech
  • Cybersecurity and Hacking
  • Defending Journalists, Press Access, and the Reporter’s Privilege
  • Encryption Policy and Surveillance Implications
  • Informed Speech: Building and Maintaining Respect for Facts and Expertise
  • Online Hate Speech and Harassment
  • Regulating Information Intermediaries
  • Strategies to Protect Reproductive Rights, Women’s Health, and Family Formation Options
  • Telecommunications & Antitrust Policy
  • Whistleblower Rights, Obligations, and Protections

If you are interested in supporting our work, please contact Rebecca Crootof.