Jonny Bunning

Research and Advocacy Fellow

Jonny Bunning is in the History of Science & Medicine program at Yale, his research centers on the connection between the life sciences, medicine, and political economy. He is interested in issues like scientific and medical funding, property rights, drug pricing, and commodification, but also, perhaps less obviously, in the changing ways of measuring the ‘cost of disease’ or the effects of health policy on productivity and economic growth. His dissertation, tentatively titled The valuation of life: price, politics, population, 1925-1995, explores how human life has been valued, devalued, and revalued by various groups—economists, demographers, policy analysts, activists—during the 20th century. He is excited to develop for GHJP research in the emergence of bond markets to manage pandemic risk, and the growing use of big data analytics and health metrics in global health governance.

He did his undergraduate degree in European Social & Political Studies (with Italian) at University College London, then a Master’s in Biomedicine, Bioscience & Society at the London School of Economics. Between this and starting at Yale, he worked for the Tenants’ Union of New South Wales, a non-profit advice and advocacy organization working on behalf of residential tenants in Sydney, Australia.