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Collab in Action (CIA) is the Justice Collaboratory’s blog written by its senior research team of Camila Gripp, PhD (Criminal Justice issues) and Farzaneh Badiei, PhD (Social Media issues). The Justice Collaboratory’s mission is to bring the latest ideas in the social sciences to bear on current problems. Rooted in the tenets of procedural justice, we seek to improve both the criminal justice and social media governance systems. We do this by:

Transforming the Goal: Legitimacy. The objective of both the criminal justice and social media governance system, must be to increase trust and cooperation between communities and the state.

Transforming the Focus: Communities, not individuals, should be our most meaningful unit of analysis.

Transforming the Language: Public Safety. Public safety is not just the reduction of crime or the maintenance of order. Rather, safety requires freedom from insecurity and victimization, community disenfranchisement, and government overreach.

This blog is published by and reflects the personal views of the individual authors, in their individual capacities. It does not purport to represent Yale University's institutional views, if any. No representation is made about the accuracy of the information, which solely constitutes the authors’ personal views on issues discussed. The information contained in this blog is provided only as general information and personal opinions, and blog topics may be updated after being initially posted.

Collab in Action (CIA)

Strengthening Juries and Leading Reforms in New Orleans: An interview with Will Snowden

January 23, 2020
By Camila Gripp

Will Snowden is the founder of the Juror Project and director of the New Orleans office of Vera Institute of Justice. Will spoke to Collab in Action about the Juror Project, a nonprofit that aims to increase the diversity of jury panels and change perspectives on jury duty through community education.

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Restoring Rights and Dignity: An Interview with Syrita Steib and Annie Phoenix

December 20, 2019
By Camila Gripp

Syrita Steib and Annie Phoenix are the co-founders of Operation Restoration, a New Orleans based organization that supports formerly incarcerated women and girls.

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Govern Fast and Break Things

December 4, 2019
By Farzaneh Badiei

Social media platforms that lack legitimate and coherent governance are prone to be called upon by various authorities to generate a quick, outcome-oriented solution in the face of catastrophes. The reactions are usually to online incidents and discoveries — for example, a sudden discovery of a violation of privacy, or some atrocity that spread online.

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Facebook (still) lacks good governance

September 25, 2019
By Farzaneh Badiei

This week, Facebook made two key announcements about combating hate and extremism online and the establishment of an independent oversight board. The announcements were timely and strategic: on Wednesday, September 18, Facebook and other tech giants had a hearing at the US Senate about “Mass Violence, Extremism, and Digital Responsibility.”

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