Watching the Birdwatchers (Does Birdwatch Work?)

In 2021, Twitter launched the Birdwatch project, which will allow its users to participate in a form of community governance. Eligible users can volunteer to label misinformation when they see it on Twitter, and then Twitter will make their notes public on weekly basis.

Using this data, we will examine the success of Birdwatch in terms of addressing the following issues:

  1. Community governance and trustworthiness of information on Twitter
  2. Reduction of misinformation

Our study aims to explore various prosocial governance mechanisms and their effectiveness and find out if replicating community governance for other social media platforms is possible.

This project is supported in part by Yale's Tobin Center for Economic Policy.


Sudhir Venkatesh, Williams B. Ransford Professor of Sociology, Columbia University
Farzaneh Badiei, Director of the Social Media Governance Initiative
Matt Katsaros
Leah Kazar
Alice Wang