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Unpacking the Black Box: MFIA Tackles Algorithmic Accountability in Connecticut

April 30, 2021
By Chloe Francis, Karen Sung

Federal and local governments and agencies are increasingly using algorithms to either influence or determine actions, policies, services, programs, employment, contracting, rulemaking, budgeting, and resource allocation. Algorithms not only reflect human bias, but they can also, without proper checks and procedures, systematically compound human bias to the further disadvantage of marginalized populations. While algorithms may not be wholly determinative in making such decisions, they have a notable influence that must be subjected to scrutiny.

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Government Accountability in the Age of Automation

April 9, 2019
By Ben Rashkovich

Our government is leaning on algorithms more and more to analyze, assess, and decide the fates of its citizens.

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Los Angeles, Texas Take Contrasting Approaches in New Policies on Access to Police-Worn Body Camera Footage

March 22, 2018
By Sasha Dudding '20

After years of debate over police misconduct following the shootings of unarmed black men many states have passed laws restricting the release of such videos.

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