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Minju Kang

Resident Fellow

Minju Kang, a Resident Fellow with the Information Society Project, is an LL.M. candidate at Yale Law School and a Ph.D. Candidate at Seoul National University. She is supported by a National Future Talent Scholarship from SBS Foundation of Seoul, Korea, for her studies at Yale.

While in Korea, she was a researcher at the SNU Center for Public Interest and Human Rights Law and the SNU Center for Labor and Social Welfare Law. She also worked with the Korea Women’s Development Institute, Korea Labor Institute, and North Korean Refugees Foundation and conducted research involving gender, sex discrimination, and North Korean issues. Prior to her legal studies, she studied literature, critical theories, and translation at Seoul National University, where she received a master’s degree in comparative literature.

Her current research interests lie in human rights, business/labor, and social security issues intersecting with globalization and new technology. The titles of her articles and presentations include “Business and Human Rights Treaty and Its Implications on World of Work in Flux,” “A Ghost Named Fourth Industrial Revolution? the Future of Work and Labour Law,” and “Digital Nomads or Precariats? Digital Platform Workers and Where to Find Their Rights”.

Minju Kang