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Important PIIP Information Dates

The Public Interest Interview Program “PIIP” is scheduled for September 13 – 24, 2021

Congratulations to all who completed an interview during PIIP 2021! Please complete the PIIP 2021 callback and offer survey using this link each time you receive a callback or offer. 

Please ensure you review the PIIP timeline and emails below. Contact CDO's Assistant Director of Administration, Sahar Mirsepassi, at sahar.mirsepassi@yale.edu with any questions.

Week 1 Interview Dates: September 13, 14, & 17
Week 2 Interview Dates: September 23 & 24

April 28 – June 30 Employer Registration Period
Starting July 9 View registered employers in CMS
August 2 – 20 Submit bids, Bidding deadline is August 20 at 12:00pm ET
August 30 - September 3 12:00pm ET View interview schedule and sign up for open interview slots in CMS
September 3 12:00pm ET Students must cancel any unwanted interviews by this time. 
September 13 – 24 Virtual Interviews

PIIP 2021 Webinar
Watch the PIIP and 2022 Job Search webinar to learn more about PIIP, the 2L and 3L public interest job search timelines, PIIP bidding and interviewing logistics and much more!

PIIP Focused Emails

#1 6.30.21
#2 7.9.21
#3 8.2.21
#4 8.10.21
#5 8.16.21
#6 8.19.21
#7 8.30.21
#8 9.2.21
#9 9.9.21
#10 9.21.21
#11 9.28.21

About PIIP

Yale Law School Public Interest Interview Program (“PIIP”)

We are pleased to invite you to participate in Yale Law School’s Public Interest Interview Program (“PIIP”) scheduled to commence in September 2021. We are excited to announce that we are dedicating two weeks to public interest recruitment this fall. This new interview program is an excellent opportunity for students passionate about pursuing a career in the public sector. This program is open to government agencies and non-profit organizations only. Due to the difficulties associated with traveling to campus at this time and keeping the safety of students and employers in mind, this program will be conducted virtually. We are confident that this format provides the most flexibility for our students and employers.

Most employers are attending to interview second-year students for summer positions however, some will interview 3Ls for summer and permanent positions starting in the summer or fall of 2022.

Interview Materials 
Please note that most PIIP employers will ask that you prepare a cover letter in addition to your resume in order to bid for a chance to interview. Your cover letter gives you a chance to indicate your passion and connection to the employer’s work and is an important document in your efforts to secure an interview, as employers participating in PIIP will select which students to interview based on their application materials. 

Questions about PIIP?
If you have any questions about PIIP please email Sahar Mirsepassi, CDO Assistant Director of Administration.