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Raef Zreik

Schell Center Visiting Human Rights Fellow

Raef Zreik holds an LLB and LLM from Hebrew University, an LLM from Columbia University, and an SJD from Harvard Law School. His dissertation deals with Kant’s philosophy of right. He is an associate professor of Jurisprudence at Ono academic College, Israel and senior researcher at the Jerusalem Van Leer Institute. His main fields of research include legal and political philosophy. Recent publications include  "Historical Justice: On First-Order and Second-Order Arguments for Justice" in Theoretical Inquiries in Law and "The Ethics of the Intellectual" in Philosophy and Social Criticism. Forthcoming publications include "On the Political Theology of Zionism" in the Journal of Political Theology and "Kant on the Future" in Iyyun. He also just finished a book titled Kant’s Struggle for Autonomy: on the Structure of Practical Reason, which will be published in Fall 2022 from Lexington Books.