The first class of Human Rights Scholars at Commencement 2017.

Program admission occurs in the fall of sophomore year. For the Class of 2023, the application for admission to the Program is due on October 30, 2020, at 11:59 pm via a submission link that will be posted on this website in the fall. There are no course prerequisites for applying to the Human Rights Program. Applicants will receive notice of admission decisions before the start of Spring Semester. Please see our program description and FAQ for more information or email with any questions about the Program.

Please note: In light of the circumstances that the University’s response to the coronavirus pandemic will create for the Fall 2020 Semester, we understand that some interested students might take a leave from school this fall. If you are a rising sophomore planning to take only the Fall Semester off and then to return for the Spring 2021 Semester, you should apply this October. However, if you are a rising sophomore planning to take off both the Fall and Spring Semesters of academic year 2020-21, you should not apply this fall; instead, submit your application in fall 2021. In order to be admitted to the 2023 cohort of Human Rights Scholars, you must plan to be enrolled at Yale in the spring of 2021. Any offers of admission to the Human Rights Program will be conditional on starting the Program in the spring. If, after you apply to the Program, you decide to take the Spring 2021 Semester off, please notify us so we can remove you from consideration. If you are admitted to the Program but later choose not to enroll for the spring, we cannot hold your spot in the Program. We will, of course, welcome your application when you return for your sophomore year in the fall of 2021

Application: The 2020 application is due October 30 at 11:59 PM. It will be posted on this page when it is available. 

Information Session: The Information Session will be held on Thursday, October 8, 2020 (time TBA) via Zoom, and the link will be posted when it is available. If you miss the Information Session, slides from the event will be posted. You can also learn more about the Human Rights Program on our Requirements page.

Drop-in Q&A: The Q&A will be held on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 (time TBA). The Human Rights Program leadership–– including Program Director Jim Silk and Program Administrator Hope Metcalf––will be available on Zoom to answer questions from interested applicants in a casual context. The link will be posted on Zoom when it is available.

Additional Application Information:

Faculty Reference: You may list a reference from any faculty member, including a professor or College Dean or Head of College. Please do NOT submit a recommendation letter; providing the contact information for your reference is sufficient.

Transcript: You may submit an “unofficial academic record” (available directly from or a copy of an “official transcript” you have previously ordered. You do not need to order an official transcript for your application.

Electives: List only the courses; do not provide an explanation of why you are interested in taking them. Please try to avoid listing courses you are taking this semester.