Class of 2020

Keerthana Annamaneni, Timothy Dwight College, Philosophy & Humanities

Antonia Ayres-Brown, Saybrook College, American Studies

Siduri Beckman, Jonathan Edwards College, History

Michael Borger, Silliman College, Global Affairs

Jordan Cozby, Branford College, History

Hana Davis, Morse College, Architecture

Hala El Solh, Berkeley College, Political Science

Jordan Harris, Franklin College, Psychology

Jayashree Khemka, Jonathan Edwards College, Psychology

Claudia Macri, Trumbull College, Global Affairs

Zulfiqar Mannan, Hopper College, English

Larissa Martinez, Timothy Dwight College, History

Lisa Qian, Silliman College, Economics 

Branson Rideaux, Franklin College, African American Studies

Marwan Safar Jalani, Branford College, Political Science

Daniela Schulman, Davenport College, Environmental Studies

Liana Wang, Davenport College, Economics

Class of 2021

Joelle Besch, Pierson College, Global Affairs

Brenda Cachay Gutiérrez, Silliman College, Global Affairs

Shannon Guerra, Timothy Dwight College, Political Science and Spanish

Danielle Harris, Berkeley College, History and Political Science

Trent Kannegieter, Saybrook College, History

Ananya Kumar-Benerjee, Berkeley College, Ethnicity, Race & Migration and History

Makayla LaRonde-King, Branford College, Political Science

Nicholas Ruiz-Huidobro Magdits, Trumbull College, Cognitive Science

Jever Mariwala, Ezra Stiles College, English

Sebastian Quaade, Pierson College, Economics and Mathematics

Keshav Raghavan, Pauli Murray College, Applied Mathematics and History

Akhil Rajan, Branford College, Political Science

Carolyn Sacco, Ezra Stiles College, Ethnicity, Race & Migration

Anna Smist, Branford College, English

Eliana Swerdlow, Pierson College, English

Teodora Tyankova, Silliman College, Cognitive Science

Angela Xiao, Jonathan Edwards College, Economics and History

Class of 2022

Yasmin Abdella, Jonathan Edwards College, Ethnicity, Race, & Migration

Amal Altareb, Pierson College, Global Affairs (Intended)

Isabella Canava, Jonathan Edwards College, Undeclared

Zahra Chaudhry, Jonathan Edwards College, History

Nishi Felton, Ezra Stiles College, Economics (Intended)

Elaina Foley, Saybrook College, Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Tyler Jager, Silliman College, History & Global Affairs

Gabriel Klapholz, Branford College, History

Hyun Jin Lee, Saybrook College, Global Affairs & Political Science (Intended)

Nick Randos, Saybrook College, Political Science or Global Affairs (Intended)

Isabelle Rhee, Berkeley College, Ethnicity, Race & Migration

Shannon Sommers, Trumbull College, Political Science & History (Intended)

Teigist Taye, Pierson College, Anthropology

Mariluz Tejeda Leon, Ezra Stiles College, Ethnicity, Race, & Migration

Sherrie Wang, Ezra Stiles College, Political Science

Human Rights Program Alumni

Many of our alumni are pursuing post-graduate study or professional opportunities that directly involve human rights. Others are applying what they learned in the Program to their jobs in research, journalism, teaching, and elsewhere. Below is a list of our Program alumni and the titles of the capstone projects they completed in their senior year.

Nico Aramayo, TD '17, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies
The ‘Paradise’ Of the Muxes

Rachel Baker, MC ’17, History
Human Rights, Reparations and New York’s Drug War

Carmen Baskauf, SY ’17, History
Vulnerability to Trafficking in Protracted and Post-Crisis Situations: Considerations for Scenario Planning in the MENA Region

Madeline Batt, ES '19, Political Science
Transformative Justice for Sexual Violence: Seeking Reconciliation Between Two Movements

Eva Branson, DC '18, History
Performed Refuge

Jade Chowning, TC '19, Political Science
The New Court Watch Movement: Perspectives from Prison Abolitionism and Human Rights

Isabel Cruz, DC ’17, Sociology
Remember Repeat: Human Rights Narratives and Aesthetic Projects

Edwin Prince Edem, TC '18, Political Science
The Horrors of Being Branded a Witch in Ghana

Charlotte Finegold, BK ’17, English
Hope Village Human Rights & Conflict Resolution Curriculum

Julia Char Gilbert, DC '18, Political Science
Towards an Ethical Human Rights Photography - Community-Based Photography with Immigrant Women in Greater New Haven

Jade Harvey, ES ’17, Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Human Rights and the 2016 Election: An Op-Ed Series on Current Debates, Rhetoric and the Years Ahead

Elena Hodges, SM ’17, Political Science
Resource Access Mapping Project (RAMP)

Aaliyah Ibrahim, MY '19, Environmental Engineering
Nigerian Activists and the International Human Rights Regime: A Case Study of #BringBackOurGirls

Folasade Kammen, TC '19, Political Science
Human Rights, Media, and the Kibera Experience

Anthony Kayruz, BF ’17, Ethics, Politics & Economics
‘Geovani’: A Human Rights Screenplay about Central American Asylum-Seeking Children and the Lawyers Who Defend Them

Robert LaRose, DC ’17, Global Affairs
Bridge International Academies: An Expanding Business and an Expanding Controversy

Wellington Mackey, TD '18, Political Science
Refugee Interactive Sessions in English (RISE)

Ishrat Mannan, DC ’17, Economics and Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Hope Village Curriculum: An Exploration of Human Rights, Feminism, and Islam

Maria Melchor, MC '18, History
Hispanic Immigrants in Southern Connecticut Make Claims on U.S. Nation-State

Abhinav Menon, JE '18, Math & Philosophy
Sovereign Debt Workouts and Socioeconomic Rights: Greece 2010-2015

Allison Miller, SY '19, Ethics, Politics & Economics
Understanding How the Rule of Law Field Views Itself

Rohan Naik, ES '18, History
Gun Buyback 2017 in New Haven

Kar Jin Ong, BK ’17, History
Penghasut: Sedition, Dissidence, and Censorship in Malaysia

Alejandra Padin-Dujon, DC '18, Math & Philosophy and Modern Middle Eastern Studies
Revolutionizing Human Rights: Women in Democracy in Northern Syria

Laura Plata, BK '19, Ethics, Politics & Economics
Echoes from the Past: U.S. Policy Towards Haitian Asylum Seekers

Helen Price, DC '18, Anthropology
Masculinity, Power Dynamics, and Creating a Positive Sexual Climate

Shyamala Ramakrishna, DC ’17, Ethics, Politics & Economics
Remember Repeat: Human Rights Narratives and Aesthetic Projects

Kyle Ranieri, HC '18, History and Global Affairs
The Diné Marriage Act—A Colonial Relic and Human Rights Violation

Emily Rice, PC '18, Global Affairs
Comedy in Human Rights

Rayan Semery-Palumbo, MC '19, Global Affairs
Reconstituting Far-Right Populism Through the Spanish Context

Rosa Shapiro-Thompson, PC '19, History
The Special Immigrant Visa Program: Towards a Relational Justice in Iraq and Afghanistan

Yasamin Sharifi, JE '19, Environmental Studies
Three Faces of Subjectivity: War as Unmaking, Storytelling as Reclaiming, and the Meaning of Human Rights

Timiebi Souza-Okpofabri, DC ’17, Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Teaching Human Rights: Re-Assessing the Relevance of Caribbean Social Studies

Nicholas Stewart, SM ’17, History
Understanding Future Enrollment: An Analysis of Data from the Smart Farmer Association Recruitment and Trial

Lekha Tlhotlhalemaje, PC '19, Environmental Studies and History
This is Our Land: Land Tenancy, Expropriation Without Compensation and Justice in uMgungundlovu, South Africa

Ava Tomasula y Garcia, HC ’17, American Studies
Slow Burn: The Future as Seen from Wolf Lake – Humans, Persons, Water, and Volcanoes in Indiana’s Rust Belt

Trinh Truong, SY '19, Political Science
Southeast Asian Women: Voices from the Immigration Resistance

Alexis Williams, HC '18, African American Studies
Human Rights in the African American Imagination

Matthew Wrocklage, HC '18, Sociology
Mending a Broken Mirror: Collective Self-Understanding and the Strategic Meaning of Claims to ‘Indigenousness’ in West Papua and Beyond