Tenant Harassment

SFALP students played a key role in securing the City Attorney's $2.4 million judgment against Anne Kihagi, a San Francisco landlord notorious for illegally evicting tenants from their rent-controlled homes in order to spike rental prices. The San Francisco Superior Court order found that Kihagi's pattern of fraud, harassment, and threats—including interrupting utilities, bullying disabled and elderly tenants, refusing to abate unsafe habitability conditions, and retaliating against tenants who cooperated with city inspectors—violated a slew of San Francisco and state housing laws. In addition to the financial penalties, the City Attorney won a 5-year injunction against Kihagi and her associates, which ensures that Kihagi's years of tenant intimidation, harassment, and abuse will come to an end.

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Herrera to get evictions voided, win $2.4 million judgment against notorious landlord

Herrera sues landlord Kihagi for harassing, displacing tenants from rent-controlled homes 

Housing Discrimination

San Francisco filed suit against notorious residential landlord and its associated real estate broker for unlawfully and unfairly refusing to accept Section 8 housing vouchers from low-income rental applicants. In a preliminary injunction ruling, the San Francisco Superior Court ordered defendants Chuck Post and Lem-Ray Properties to cease discriminating against prospective tenants who rely on Section 8 vouchers to secure housing. SFALP students worked alongside deputy city attorneys to develop and bolster the City's case against these "Scumlords."

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Herrera wins preliminary injunction in Section 8 housing discrimination case  

Herrera seeks injunction to halt discrimination over Section 8 housing vouchers