Reciprocal Use of Another Law School's Career Development Office

Many law schools make their career planning offices and some services available to students and graduates of other law schools on a reciprocal basis. Practices and available services vary from school to school, and an advance letter of introduction from CDO is required. Many schools do not provide job listings or counseling to reciprocity students or graduates. Some schools, especially those in areas such as New York City and Washington, DC, cannot accommodate all the requests for reciprocity without jeopardizing services to their own students and graduates.

Some schools will offer reciprocity only on a "one for one" basis, i.e., one of their students or graduates must request the use of Yale Law School's CDO for each Yale law student or graduate who requests use of their career services office. Other schools will honor any reciprocity request made on behalf of a law graduate from a law school outside the area. Check the school's website or contact its CDO by phone to learn the specifics of its reciprocity policy.


Yale Law School's Reciprocity Policy

The Career Development Office (CDO) provides access to the resources of the office to students and graduates of all law schools who provide Yale law students and graduates use of their facilities on some reciprocal basis.

The following information is available on this website:

  • Access to CDO-authored publications, including our many career guides and brochures on career-related topics;
  • Advice for law school graduates in our Alumni section, including resume and job search tips and information about useful web-based resources.

Reciprocity students/graduates are welcome to visit CDO to utilize our library of career-related publications, newspapers and directories. Office hours are from 8:30 - 5:00 Monday through Friday. Career-counseling, in person or by phone, may be available subject to each counselor’s schedule. For career counseling, the best approach for reciprocity students/graduates is to work with their own law school’s career office.

Because of the constraints of our Online Job Posting System, our reciprocity policy does not include access to that information.


Reciprocity Requests Contact Information

Contact CDO to request reciprocity by letter or email on your behalf. Note that most schools do not offer reciprocity services during the fall. Reciprocity requests should be made by a career counseling official via email to or in writing to:

Yale Law School
Career Development Office
P.O. Box 208330
New Haven, CT 06520-8330