To create a university community that is truly accessible to and inclusive of all persons, including people with disabilities, requires the participation of each and every member of the community. Yale Law School and Yale University Student Accessibility Services are committed to providing a supportive, collaborative environment that helps students thrive in law school. 

The Disabled Law Students Association is an affinity group dedicated to supporting YLS students situated in and around the broad disability umbrella. This community includes disabled students, neurodivergent students, students with learning impairments or non-traditional learning styles, Deaf students, hard-of-hearing students, blind students, Deaf-blind students, students with chronic illnesses, students with mental health conditions or emotional disorders, and other students who receive or would like to receive accommodations.


Disabled Law Students Association

DLSA's aim is to foster a sense of community and increase the legal profession’s accessibility and cultural competency surrounding disability, mental health conditions, and the like. We provide individualized support to our members in accessing accommodations and ensuring their needs are being met at the law school, in internships, and across other contexts. 


Diversability Resources

University Resources

National Resources

American Bar Association: Commission on Disability Rights
The American Bar Association's Commision on Disability Rights page provides a plethora of resources and opportunities for law students with disabilities.  In addition to fellowship, internships, and scholarships, the site contains the American Bar Association Law School Disability Programs Directory and the American Bar Association Mentor Program for Lawyers and Law Students with Disabilities (see below).

ABA Guide to Accommodations on the Bar Exam

National Association of Attorneys with Disabilities
The National Association of Attorneys with Disabilities (NAAD) is the national association of legal professionals, law professors, law students, and other advocates of the disabled.  An annual membership for law students is $25.

The Disability Rights Bar Association
This Association is an online network of attorneys who specialize in disability civil rights law.  This organization provides a platform for disability civil rights law specialists to collaborate on relevant legal issues and law students interested in disability civil rights practice.  

CDO links to Diversity Databases and Data

Diversity & Demographics section on
Collection of NALP data relating to minorities, women, LGBT, Part-time and disabled lawyers.

Law Firm Diversity Database has partnered with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association to release this database, which is aimed at advancing diversity in the legal profession. The database includes benchmarking information on diversity programs in over 250 law firms. The database allows you to make side by side comparisons on various factors including the number of attorneys who are minorities, women, LGBT, and individuals with disabilities. The online database also provides access to firms' complete self-reported law firm diversity survey responses. Registration is required and free.

CDO links to Law Firm Diversity Rankings

Vault’s Best Law Firms for Diversity
Vault provides an overall diversity rating and also provides individual ratings for minorities, women, disabilities, and veterans. Available online at by clicking the “Companies” tab and then “Best Law Firms.”